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Worksheet från boken Long Term Player Development - On Court

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Denna bok är ett arbetshäfte från boken "Long Term Player Development - On Court Tennis". Detta arbetshäfte består av 57 sidor och är alla "arbetssidor" från ovanstående nämnda bok. 

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The purpose of this book is to make it easier for all tennis players, coaches and everyone involved in the development of the player, to see a clear development path and to use this book as a community for everyone involved. Through this book, coaches can systematically and individually train their players step by step with the aim to first build the athlete then the player, which they’ll benefit from for the rest of their lives, not just in tennis.This document follows the player and become a community for everyone involved; the player, tennis coaches, physical trainer, parents etc. “Long Term Player Development - On Court Tennis” is 18 years of long-term development with 800 + ways to improve and 35 different tests. The coach is able to do 1-2 tests a week with the player for the player’s entire career.

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